HealthEmotions Research Institute(HERI), University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Prabhakaran lab at HERI is currently recruiting a research specialist who is interested in integrating fmri-eeg and physiological monitoring information in characterizing abnormalities in psychiatric, neurological disorders(Stroke, Epilepsy), and neurosurgical populations(Tumor and Vascular lesions). The individual will have access to a state-of the-art 3T MRI, 19 HD-EEG machines as part of world's largest Sleep Center, TMS, neurophysiology bioninstrumentation at HERI.

The fellow will work as part of a multidisciplinary team of Psychologists, Neuroscientists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Neuroradiologists, Engineers & Medical Physicists integrating findings from a broad spectrum of approaches including:

  • resting state functional MRI
  • task-based functional MRI
  • DTI, MRS, Perfusion imaging, HYPR-VIPR MRA
  • Cortical Thinning, VBM
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Multimodal approach: Awake EEG/ERP and Sleep EEG, PET, TMS

Minimum qualifications for a successful candidate include: - completed at least MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or Medical Physics or other equivalent background. - significant prior neuroimaging experience with functional MRI/EEG/TMS, strong skills in usage of one or more common functional neuroimaging (FSL, SPM, AFNI), programming experience in Matlab, C/C++ or similar platform are all plusses, but not required.

Anticipated start date: flexible.
How to apply: Please email CV and 3 references to or
Vivek Prabhakaran M.D., Ph.D. (Stanford Neurosciences, 2001)
Assistant Professor, Director of Functional Neuroimaging in Radiology
Board-Certified Neurologist, Radiologist, & Neuroradiologist (Johns Hopkins, 2008)

UWHealth UW Hospital and Clinics
Department of Radiology
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University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Office: 608-232-3343

Feel free to contact with any questions prior to applying for the position.
For more information about HERI and Prabhakaran Lab, please visit us at
UW Health Emotions Research Institute or
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